Marine Composite Innovation SL is a company dedicated to the construction, repair ships i modification composite materials located in Barcelona, Spain. For many years we are giving services to all European countries.

MCI workers are specialized in the manufacture of composite materials of the art, and works with different epoxy products treated vacuum autoclave or infusion. Having conducted projects from mold making to final assembly.

The experience of some of the remote workers to 1997 where the manufacture of blades for wind began in Hamburg for NOI Passing time participation in the construction of sailing ships, which during the years 2001-2006 he worked on several projects with Wally shipyards in Fano (Italy).

Then participating in American's Cup 2007 and several projects TP52 i GP42 with Zero Length Shipyard in Castellón, and in recent years with several shipyards and boats Sports in Tarragona, Bootswerft Winkler or Yachtwerft Meyer in Bremen.

Language skills in MCI is Spanish, English, German, Italian and Russian.


+34-(0)972-104 946


Poligono Pla de Vidreres, Nave 6
Vidreres (Girona) | España

Phone / Fax +34-(0)972104946
Mobil: +34-(0)661086544
Mobil: +34-(0)677687575

  • Office:
  • Marine Composite Innovation S.L.
  • Narcis Macià i Domenech 12 p4p4
  • Lloret de Mar(Girona) | España
  • Workshop:
    Poligono Pla de Vidreres, Nave 6
  • Vidreres (Girona) | España
  • Marine Composite Innovation B.V.
  • 2361 KV Warmond
  • The Niderlands
  • TEL. +31 631 532 533

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